Are You Ready To Party?

Parties are filled with fun and excitement for party goers, but is it the same for party planners? Planning and hosting an enjoyable event can come with a ton of pressure. As the desire to deliver a one of a kind experience to their guest, stress does too. Fortunately, there are tips, tricks, and party planning professionals to help you along the way.


For those who chose to tackle the planning process alone, there are several ways to simplify the process. As with anything, proper organization is key. Keeping a clutter free prep space, and prioritizing task with to-do list will help tremendously with time management. Also, be sure to ask your guest to RSVP. Keeping an up-to-date guest list will help you ensure everyone is able to enjoy themselves. If you’re unsure of décor, entertainment and location, set a theme! Choosing a theme that fits your personality, or the needs of the event will help paint a better picture of the way your big bash should look, and feel.


If you’d rather leave the planning to the professionals, there are several event planning companies dedicated to helping you plan the event of a lifetime. Twenty-Three Layers is a full-service event planning and design firm based in NYC. This duo of passionate party planning professionals is known to deliver some of the most lavish events in the industry. Whether you’re hosting a professional event or an exciting evening for friends and family, Twenty-Three Layers has you covered. By securing strong relationships with some of the world’s most exclusive brands, they have established themselves as one of the most successful corporate event planners in NYC.

By paring their knowledge and experience with their passion for design and event planning, the Twenty-Three Layers team amongst the best of event planning companies in NYC.

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  1. Savannah Rey

    I was invited to an event and everything about the event was awesome that all the invitees felt honored. No doubt believes that a successful event equals good planning. Though many could cope with the stress of planning an event however, getting Twenty Three Layers to plan your event would add color leaves an aura of success even after the event.

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