Brian Torchin: Bridging Gaps Within The Health Industry

Brian Torchin is a leader in the Health industry. He has made many contributions over the years and continues to help make the health industry run more efficiently. Torchin earned his Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science at the University of Delaware. He was once a medical practitioner, who specialized in chiropractic medicine, giving him insight on how getting a job in the medical field works.

Certainly, he has gained invaluable knowledge working in the health field, which led him to put this knowledge to use. He is experienced in staffing, opening, and managing different medical offices in Pennsylvania, Florida, and Delaware.

With his knowledge in these different areas, he transferred this knowledge into his very own staffing company, HCRC Staffing, where he would staff his offices with physicians, doctors of chiropractic, physician assistants, and physical therapists. Torchin realized how difficult it was to find jobs in the health field and his staffing company would bridge that gap. HCRC is considered to be a leading full-service staffing and consulting firm for the healthcare industry.

HCRC’s mission is to create a more effective hiring experience by incorporating years of medical and staffing knowledge.

When Brian Torchin is not involved with his Staffing company, he is providing informative articles on the firm’s blog. Some of his topics include: how to simplify online marketing, hiring physician assistant, providing the top interview questions, and how to hire the best employees for your business.

According to Indeed, Brian Torchin is dedicated to helping others. He created his organization to ensure that other medical professionals could benefit from a service that provided them with new opportunities.

Brian Torchin has aided in the progressiveness of the health industry because he was able to recognize a pressing need within the industry.

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  1. Henn Josiah

    His vision for a more efficient health industry is being realized due to his passion for seeing it through. One of the things that HCRC prides themselves on is quick communication between physicians and clients. The best assignment writing services do have enough reason to make everything work for them at all time.

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