ClassDojo Remedies Communication In The School System

ClassDojo is an app that was founded in 2011 by CEO Sam Chaudhary and CTO Liam Don. The purpose of creating the ClassDojo app was to provide a free, app that would create a culture and community between teachers, students and their parents. ClassDojo has had a major impact on the classic classroom setting. It has been reported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation that only 59 percent of teachers think that the tech they are currently using is meeting the needs of the students. ClassDojo is now being used in 90 percent of school districts in the United States that teach K-8.

The reason for the success of the ClassDojo app is the commitment to listening to the teachers, students and their parents by co-founder Sam Chaudhary. The result of this is the resolution to the communication issues of student’s progress to the parents outside of the parent-teacher conference. These type of problems would not be thought about unless it were by a teacher. Not many other educational tech developers took the time to get insight from the teachers, students and parents.

ClassDojo has allowed for the creation of a more positive culture between teachers, students and parents. The school communication platform has also empowered previously concerned parents by creating an easier method of constant communication between the three main parties. ClassDojo also gives students a voice of their own to be heard by all. Students can showcase and share everything they have learned by adding photos and videos to their own portfolios.

Teachers are also now able to share moments with parents. The parents can be more engaged in the education of their children by what the teachers share of the wonderful classroom moments. Communication creates a more effective team dynamic for anyone involved. The educational tech is a highly effective communication platform.


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