Clayton Hutson talks about his journey in the music industry.

Clayton’s background in the music industry

Clayton Hutson is an audio engineer as well as the head of a business that provides services and organizes events for musicians. Before he started this career, Clayton underwent university courses on theatre designs, after which he was employed at companies in the music industry and become the project manager, and later on established a firm he manages, where he produces and designs concerts.

In 2005, he participated in the world tour called “Bleed like me” with a band known as garbage, where they travelled in some parts of Australia, Europe, and North America, where he served as the monitor engineer. He also took part in the “Honda civic tour” last year that took place in Asian and North America.

Recap of the “bro talk “with Clayton Hutson

Hutson decided to start his job, from the confidence he got from his talent, despite the risk he had to take. He develops new audios, set designs and illumination concepts, which is made possible by computer-aided designs. He pays careful attention to the dimensions, he said, and even some of the innovative equipment’s become useless when it’s too full for the venue entrances of the performance.

When asked about how his business attracts new clients, he said he works hard, works long hours and pays attention to small details. This builds his reputation among artists who are intrigued by dedication, resilience, and professionalism, and this even helped him get recommendations by those performers, to fellow musings who need the services.

A severe error might damage his reputation hence he repeatedly checks his work for mistakes to ensure that everything is done accurately and corrects the minor errors. He advised upcoming professionals to put family first and face every situation with honesty no matter how difficult it is.

Clayton Hutson occasionally writes down quotes that inspire him and reads them whenever he needs motivation. A few of which come from Thomas Jefferson and Vince Lombardi. He recommended a book by Richard Carlson known as “Don’t sweat the small stuff” which helped him stress less on his job.¬†Learn more: ¬†

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