Dick DeVos Sheds Light on the Family Philanthropic Work

Following Betsy DeVos nomination to the position of Secretary of Education, Dick DeVos and Betsy released details on their contribution. The vetting committee required Betsy to provide information on her charity contributions. The couple, however, chose to release the information to the public. Most of the public officials viewed the move as a ruse and a diversion for people not to focus on their political contribution. Whether this was a ploy or not, it was a sign of transparency from the DeVos family.



According to the report revealed, the DeVos Family has contributed approximately $139 million over the years in support of different organizations. Most of their contributions have been towards the education systems. In 2015, the family contributed $11 million and 26% of that was given to the education programs. The Family says their goal is to address the challenges presented by the public system of education.



Many of the beneficiaries include Ferrari State University in Big Rapids, West Michigan Aviation Academy, Northwood University, and Rehoboth Christian School among others.



In 2006, Dick DeVos and Betsy contributed $12.5 million towards the construction of the Children’s Hospital under the Spectrum Health system. Dick and Betsy were the leading contributors towards the funding of the Hospital. The Children’s hospital, named after Richard DeVos and his wife Helen DeVos, has provided relief to the families seeking medical services as they will not have to take long distances to seek medical care.



Work History



Richard ‘Dick’ DeVos has accomplished a lot in the course of his career. Dick started his career in 1974 when he joined the Amway Company. Amway is a family owned company that focuses on MLM. When Dick joined the Company, he was in charge of different departments like finance, development, research, marketing, and sales.



Dick assumed the role of the Vice President of the Company in 1984, and he was in charge of the company operations in 18 countries. Dick has built the company by opening up more officers outside North America. Dick served in this position for seven years, before he joined the Orlando Magic. Richard DeVos Sr. took ownership of the Orlando Magic in 1991 and Dick served as the President of the Company. Dick DeVos resigned from the position in 1993 to assume his responsibilities as the President of the Amway.



Dick was responsible for the Amway restructuring. The restructuring saw the downsizing of the Company, and the result was the Alticor Company. Dick served as the President of the Company and retired in 2002. Soon after leaving the Company, he assumed the position of the President of Windquest Company.



Dick DeVos is not only a businessman or philanthropist, but he is actively involved in politics.



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