Doe Deere And Lime Crime: There Is Nothing Ordinary About Them

“Touch-proof, kiss-proof and utterly addictive” are a few words Lime Crime uses to describe their superstar liquid matte Velvetines lipsticks.

Doe Deere is the CEO and founder of the independent makeup brand, and she has created cosmetics that are beauty-forward, something different and edgy. She explained her humble rise to the top in an interview with GuestofaGuest.

The Russian born beauty told the publication that she enjoyed playing with makeup and bright colors as a child. She even sold temporary tattoos to her classmates at age 13, developing her keen entrepreneurial spirit early on.

When she later moved to New York City, she pursued her dream of being a musician. She joined a band and met her future husband Mark there. He would later play a key role in helping determine the growth of her makeup company.

Doe Deere launched Lime Crime in 2008, being bold about a dream to change the makeup world. She veered away from regular safe cosmetics and kicked new life into definitions of beauty. She developed makeup that delivered self-empowerment and courage to wear what you like and not offer apologies.

Lime Crime makeup was futuristic, sexy, naughty and however else you wanted to make it. The brand was mainly introduced online and has since branched out to popular brick and mortar stores like Urban Outfitters.

Today, Lime Crime has soared to the top of social media, where the brand is smokin’ hot and comprises a global fan base. Young women and men, too, enjoy the dazzle, the in-your-face attitude and wildly radical makeup palettes.

The makeup has incredible pigment intensity, staying power and uniqueness. The lipsticks are famous on the red carpet, and with glam shades like neon orchid, deepest blood red, flame red, blazing orange and others, heads will turn. Lime Crime won’t be denied in any social circle.

Doe Deere is not only an inspiration to those who wear her makeup but to the women and men who are anxious to bust out on the scene, realize a dream and launch their own company.

Doe Deere was recently named to Self-Made magazine’s list of the Top 50 Most Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs. She also graced the cover, standing side by side with business legends Suze Orman and Arianna Huffington. Doe Deere was proud to achieve the recognition.

Her advice is simple; recognize your talents, work hard, and go from there.

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