Doe Deere – The Woman Behind Lime Crime Cosmetics

As an immigrant from Russia, you could easily say that Doe Deere is living the true American Dream. She began in a band, then moved on to creating her own fashion line. It was while modeling her own clothing that Deere realized what her true passion was. She searched for cosmetics to help her create a look that truly reflected her inner self and realized that cosmetics lacked the fun flair that she was seeking. It was that idea, cosmetics that reflected her inner self that is as unique as each person’s fingerprint, that led her to create Lime Crime Cosmetics.

Deere doesn’t create a line that gives the traditional “natural beauty” look, instead she strives to help herself and her customers create what looks best on them and feels right in the moment. Her cruelty-free line includes bold and vibrant colors with magical names and stories behind them.

She attends daily meetings where she and her team strategize and discuss projects followed my other meetings with her President and VP and sometimes the COO. When she isn’t busy in meetings, she is waiting patiently for inspiration to strike and new ideas to come to life. Sometimes it takes just days, sometimes longer, but when a new vision hits, she wastes no time getting started developing the new product.

Deere works hard and knows her product line well, something that has really helped her to grow and develop her business. She relies on her gut instincts to keep her business strong and make the right judgements. She veers from the traditional “ruling with an iron fist” approach and instead works to uplift those around her to drive them to succeed.

One of the most exciting trends that Deere is excited about is the consumer switch from traditional brick and mortar stores to e-commerce. Deere knows there are many advantages to shopping online, but cosmetics was a harder road. Experts told her that women wouldn’t purchase cosmetics online because they want to see things in person and try things on, but Deere was persistent. She and her team created their own “on-lip” lipstick swatch, a way for people to see the cosmetics on actual peoples skin, which helps them make the decision to purchase.

Though Deere has had much success in her career, there are a few things she wishes she could change. Her biggest regret is not acting on her cosmetics idea sooner. She waited a long time before she even began forming the company, and wishes she had began this fun and wonderful ride much sooner.

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  1. Samuel Harns

    She always tries it on herself first, it must be something she can live and feel, then once she deems it authentic to the Lime Crime name, it goes into development. Deere stays busy running her business everyday. It is very promising that could have gotten much of what they need indeed.

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