Fabletics Teams Up To Bring Amazon Down For Customers Looking For Athletic Wear

Have you ever walked into one of the active wear departments in a store and looked through racks of clothes to discover that you find nothing that fits you or nothing that you even like? If so, you must find out more about Fabletics. The number one brand of active wear that most people trust.


The brand of active wear was a hit from the moment that they came out on the market. In a world where the reverse showroom technique is number one and the number one place to purchase clothes, no matter what you are looking for, Amazon is learning that there are more options for places to purchase workout wear from. Since they have been on the market, since 2013, the brand has raked in over $250 million dollars of revenue.


There are multiple reasons as to why they have become what they are, some of it is because of the person who is promoting them but also because they offer a stylish workout gear option for shoppers to choose from. The size of your waist or chest does not matter when it comes to Fabletics. It wont matter how old you are either. There are countless options no matter your age, size or other factor that you might have thought would keep you from purchasing the VIP membership.


Even though they are competing with Amazon and actually doing well, the members who join Fabletics are even more pleased in knowing that there are actual stores opening up in shopping malls. There are times that members will want to check something out in person, prior to it being shipped to its members. In this case, members are able to walk into the physical stores to try on and check out countless clothing options.


Amazon has mastered the reverse showroom technique by offering countless options for you to choose form. Not everyone wants to be overwhelmed by all the choices that are available for shoppers. The website showroom of Amazon is quite difficult to maneuver if you are simply looking for one thing. The number of choices that you will be presented with is immense. For some shoppers, they only want to find what they are looking for and nothing further. Amazon will offer you what you want most but with the recommended products up front and only the options that are recommended up front. If you want the options that are affordable, those options are further back in the pages of products by Amazon.


With Fabletics, this is not a problem.

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