Fagali’i Airport

You will find the village of Fagali’I on the island of Upolu in the Samoa archipelago. Although at 1,571 its population is relatively small, it is home to both the Royal Samoa Golf Course and the Fagali’I International Airport. The airport has become especially important to the travel industry. For several years prior to the founding of the airport, the land on which it would reside had only a grassy landing strip. Then Fagali’I International Airport first opened for business in 2002 under the control of both Polynesian Airlines and the Samoan government. Check out on youtube channel for more updates.

It was closed in 2005 after the government responded to the villager’s complaints about the noise. However, Polynesian Airlines obtained sole rights to the airport and reopened it in 2009. The reopened airport was actually better than before and included additional international flights. In 2013, Somoa Air began offering flights between there and American Samoa. There were still criticisms of the airport. This time most of them concerned safety and environmental issues. The airport has a number of airlines that operate there: Polynesian Airlines, Samoa Air, South Pacific Island Airways, and Talofa Airways. These are all popular airlines so it should be easy to obtain flights to the island through them.

If you are indeed planning a flight here—or a flight anywhere, for that matter—make absolutely sure you have everything related to your flight that you will need. If at all possible, be at the airport much earlier than your flight is actually scheduled to take off, preferably two to three hours early. This is so that you will have time to park, check in your bags, and get through security, all without having to worry that you aren’t going to make the flight in time. Fagali’I Airport’s International Air Transport Association code is IATA.

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