Fortress Investment Group Helping Corporations Invest Their Fund Safely and Securely

The assets and investments need to be placed strategically in different sectors to ensure that the returns are generous and free from the market volatility. The stock, as well as financial markets, is unpredictable, and enterprises that have millions of dollars to manage needs to ensure that they diversify their investment and asset portfolio to anchor finances during rainy times. While most of the organizations have a finance department and in-house finance and accounting experts, taking the help of the professional investment managers is always recommended and advised. They would suggest you strategic financial and investment moves that would be aligned with your end goals, ensuring risks are minimized, and returns are generous. Fortress Investment Group is amongst the most prominent equity firms in the United States and was set up in the year 1998 with the aim to help corporations and individuals invest smartly and make use of the investment opportunities available in the market.

The founders of the Fortress Investment Group are Randal Nardone, Rib Kauffmann, and Wesley Edens, who have the experience of working for major financial corporations like UBS and Blackrock Financial Management Inc. In the beginning, Fortress Investment Group primarily focused on equity investments, but later diversified into giving a range of other services as well, including debt securities, real estate related investments, credit funds, mutual funds, retirement planning, and hedge funds. One of the specialties of Fortress Investment Group is managing alternative assets for the clients. The annual turnover of Fortress Investment Group is nearly $1.1 billion, and the profit Fortress Investment Group made last year was around $180 million. The company has many subsidiaries, including Intrawest, RailAmerica, Railroad Acquisition Holdings, New Media Investment Group, The Weinstein Company, Newcastle Investment Corp, and few others. Fortress Investment Management Group’s IPO was launched in Nasdaq in 2007, and the time, it was the only equity firm to be publicly traded in the country. The IPO launch of Fortress Investment Group was underwritten by two of the famous financial corporations, Goldman Sachs and KPMG.

Fortress Investment Group does its due diligence and research before finding investment opportunities and investing the client’s money in it. It is to ensure that the clients get the results they have been looking for. Recently, the Softbank Group Corp Inc made an announcement that it has acquired Fortress Investment Group wholly and that Softbank Group Corp now owns all the shares of the company. As a part of the deal, Fortress Investment Group would continue to operate independently.The acquisition by Softbank Group Corp would help the firm to further consolidate its position internationally as a global investment manager. Fortress Investment Group has its registered headquarters in New York but has offices in other key destinations as well globally for the clients to reach out to the company with ease. Fortress Investment Group has also been in the news for almost halting the 2010 Winter Olympics. The company wanted the Canadian Government to pay dues for using its property before moving on to the games. As Fortress Investment Management didn’t finance the development company that was building the Olympic Village and other facilities, it led to unwanted obstructions during the Olympics as well.

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