Green Structure Homes Has Brought Many People Relief Under Barbara Stokes

Barbara Stokes is the co-founder of Green Structure Homes, her husband being the other co-owner. For many years now, Barbara Stokes and her company has been aiding in disaster relief around the country with temporary and permanent housing and she has been able to dominate the market thanks to her dedication and decades of experience. Green Structure Homes does the entire process for housing, including building design and structure manufacturing. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

Green Structure Homes continues to grow by the year, with more support in several different states coming in the future years. This movement is part of their contract with FEMA to provide more support for their projects. The contract totaled more than 28 million dollars which will go to relief for Houston.

Barbara Stokes has managed to build Green Structure Homes into a leading construction company with the aid of her husband, Scott Stokes. The building blocks of her success in business came from her academic background. Barbara has a degree in physics as well as engineering, graduating in 2001 from Mercer University. Alongside her majors, Barbara also spent time learning Manufacturing, Management, Communication, Thermodynamics, and Property of Materials, all of which has aided in her ability to perform in her career. Follow Barbara Stokes on

Over the decades that Barbara has been working in construction and business, she has had her fair share of dealings with government organizations for various different contracts. According to her, this is because of her dedication and expertise as well as her active involvement in the community on her own time outside of work. These days, Barbara doesn’t have much spare time as she is busy acting as COO for GSH. When she is not busy with work or volunteering in the community, she is spending time with her family and three children.


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