How Eva Moskowitz and Success Academy are redefining public education

When Eva Moskowitz had children in New York City’s public school system, she saw first-hand how poor much of it was. As a parent, a former teacher and a school board member, she knew it was possible to offer a high quality education to every child in the New York City public school system.


So, Eva Moskowitz set about doing just that.


In 2006, she founded the Success Academy, a charter school network that now operates 41 schools in the New York City education system. Schools whose 14,000 students are now doing so well, thousands of parents clamor every year to get their children admitted as well.


That is because Eva Moskowitz and Success Academy achieved their goal of redefining public education, and now offer an educational experience for any child that is accepted into one of their schools that other schools cannot possibly emulate.


The redefining of public education in New York included instituting a strict disciplinary system that applies to all — students, teachers and even parents.


Redefining the public education system also meant concentrating on core subjects like English and math, and then introducing other subjects like science, debate and chess that other schools would say were ‘too difficult’ for children of color from low-income families.


Success Academy knew that was not the case at all.


Success Academy and Eva Moskowitz also made learning fun so that every child wants to come to school every day in case they miss something.


The Academy also instituted the idea Eva Moskowitz has always had — that critical thinking, problem solving and hands-on group project work teaches children how to learn much more so than does the usual teacher-driven instruction.

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