How Jeremy Goldstein Serves As A Member Of The Legal Community

When legal issues pop up in a person’s life it hard to know how to find a good lawyer to deal with it. Recognizing this, the New York State Bar Association has offered an attorney referral service for several years over the phone. They recently made it even easier by introducing their online website which makes connecting with a lawyer confidential and convenient.

The new service, found at, can provide an easy way to have a lawyer referral that is both experienced in the legal issue at hand as well as is located near to the person seeking a referral. Users input all of their information into the website and, after it is confidentially reviewed by State Bar staff, the staff member will provide the user with the name and contact details for a lawyer.

If the person decides to go ahead with the initial consultation with the referred lawyer the first 30 minutes of the meeting will be $35. If they decide to hire the attorney ongoing fees will be between the two parties.

Jeremey Goldstein is a lawyer who works in New York City. He established his own law firm in January 2014, Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC where he specializes in executive compensation practices. He has been an attorney since 1999 and earned his law degree at the New York University School of Law.

As an expert in executive compensation practices, Jeremy Goldstein has been brought in as to advise compensation committees, management teams, and Chief Executive Officers in the issues surrounding these practices. He is usually sought out during transformative corporate events like an m&a transaction.

Jeremy Goldstein has volunteered for almost 10 years as the Director of Fountain House. Fountain House is a social services organization which helps people with mental illnesses in the city of New York.


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  1. Zendaya Donovan

    For me, Jeremy Goldstein is a mediator between the community and the legal department through some of the measures that he has introduced so far. With clients now best essay writers uk having the ease of getting a top legal representative through the online platform created by him I think a lot of legal matters would be handled within a short space of time and that adds value to our legal system.

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