How We Utilize Securus Technologies to Find Weapons in Jail

Make no mistake about it, any type of weapons in the hands of inmates puts officers, visitors, and other inmates lives is serious danger. The thing about these inmates is that they are very crafty, and they can construct a deadly weapon from things like plastic kitchen utensils, pieces of wood, or even the parts of a pen. Our efforts to find these weapons had recently been by way of surprise cell inspections, but today we may have another valuable resource at our disposal.


When we met with the team at Securus Technologies, we knew we had the support of a team of workers who take their job serious. According to the CEO Rick Smith, Securus Technologies employs 1,000 people who all work by the motto that they are helping to make our world that much safer for all. This Dallas-based company installed an inmate call system in the prison that was going to help my team to be able to catch these inmates with the weapons better than we ever could in the past.


The way the call system works is it is able to monitor the calls and pick out specific verbiage that is key to any investigation. Whether we are looking for certain fugitive, drugs, or in this case weapons, the LBS software scans the calls to identify when anyone is talking about that subject. This is like having a team of officers on standby listening to every call.


Once I became familiar with how the software works, it began to show results almost immediately. We were able to discover that an inmate was using parts of his bed to build a weapon, that one inmate hid parts of a weapon at the fence line in the yard, and yet another inmate was stealing things from the kitchen to build a weapon.


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