IDLife Creates Multiple Nutritional Shake Options

There are different ways that people choose to get their nutrients in each day, and one of the simplest options for those who are looking to be healthy is through a nutritional shake of some kind. IDLife has multiple shake options available, including a classic meal replacement one. The Meal Replacement Shake from this brand comes in chocolate and vanilla flavor options. This shake is available either in canister form or in packets. This shake is great tasting and it is nutritious, and it is something that a person can use to create a drink that they can down instead of eating a full meal.

Vegans can find it hard to locate a shake product that they can use to supplement their diet. A lot of the shake options that are available for sale are made with animal products. The IDLife brand has created an option for vegans. The Vegan Shake Bag is vanilla flavored and packed with nutrients that can help vegans live a healthy lifestyle. Those who have dairy allergies can benefit from this product just as vegans can. The Vegan Shake Bag is made with brown rice and pea proteins, in addition to protein from hemp. This product is loaded with the nutrition that only comes from Superfoods.

Kids do not always consume the same products as adults and there are a number of reasons that a person might seek out a product made just for children when they are looking for a shake mix to use with their kids. IDLife has created a product that is sweetened with stevia and that is made just for kids. The Kids Shake Canister is vanilla flavored and something that young people will enjoy. This product comes in a colorful and fun canister, and it is packed with protein. IDLife looks out for children by setting parents up with this great product to use as a meal replacement or snack option.

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