Investment Banking Firm Madison Street Capital Completes Recent Deal

Investment banking firm Madison Street Capital has announced that it has completed a new deal with Austrian company ARES Security Corporation. This new deal has arranged to provide a minority equity and debt investment for ARES. As a result, ARES will be in position to more easily manage its debt and use leverage to help attain some of its financial goals. With the help provided by Madison Street Capital, ARES will be in position to build on its success as a leading security management company providing security software solutions. For the deal to be completed for ARES, a finance firm known as Corbel Structured Equity Partners helped participate in structuring and finalizing the deal. Another person who helped organize and complete this deal was Reginald McGaugh who is currently the senior managing director of Madison Street Capital.


Due to being able to create significant equity value, Corbel was the most appealing partner for ARES in organizing the deal. With the help of Corbel, ARES will have the support it needs to continue building on its current success. Since ARES uses a flexible capital solution along with a supportive partnership, it will be in position to improve on its sales figures. Along with using its capital solutions and partnerships, ARES will also use its vast amount of industry contacts to continue generating more sales. Once this deal was completed, the senior managing director of Madison Street Capital had lots of praise for ARES and believes that is deal will help the company become even more successful in the near future.


The firm that facilitated this recent deal is the Chicago based international investment banking firm Madison Street Capital. This firm has emerged as one of the leading investment banking firms in the world. It regularly helps a wide range of businesses find ways to improve their financial situation. Madison Street Capital assists both private and publicly held companies raise capital and manage it more efficiently. It offers a wide range of services such as financial opinions, corporate financial advisory, business valuation and also mergers and acquisitions. With the assistance provided by Madison Street Capital, companies are in position to reach their financial goals more easily. One thing that has made the firm among the best is its philosophy of making a client’s project its own. This enables the firm to put in a strong effort in helping companies reach their various goals. With integrity excellence and leadership, the Madison Street Capital reputation is among the top in the financial services industry.


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