Jeremy Goldstein And The Expertise In Law

The article on Madison County Courier informs the audience on legal issues about how to find a lawyer in New York. It discusses the procedure one should familiarize themselves with to find a lawyer within New York. This convenience has been enabled by the State Bar Association and the by launching a portal that operates for 24 hours.


This platform enables the residents to find a lawyer without pressure. From the article, according to the president of the state bar, the lawyers are credible since they have been vetted by the state bar of New York. From the article, lawyers now can get their services to a larger group of people at a cheaper price and still maintain trust.


The article outlines the procedure of operating the portal and provides a link as their website where they provide some information in a questionnaire. The platform also provides the lawyers with clients .Having clients who are conversant with technology, their work is made easier.

The founder and partner of the Jeremy L, and the Goldstein & Associates LLC is called Jeremy Goldstein. The Goldstein & Association LLC is an advisory body to Compensation Committees. It offers advisory services to CEOs and management teams on issues related to governance.


Initially, Jeremy Goldstein had partnered with the Wachtell, Rosen and Liton law firms among others .After this, Jeremy Goldstein got involved in heading the Mergers and Acquisition Committee of the American bar association as the chair where he guides on corporate governance.


In addition, he has been involved in the acquisition of Goodrich among other companies. To add to his list of achievements and leading positions, he is heading as an executive compensation lawyer in USA. He also handles responsibilities as a member of the professional advisory board.


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    This will be a plus to the attorneys who will be of help to the community by handling more clients unlike in the past hence a reduced worked load. It might make everything look so easy and essay writers australia which is not going to be that easy for all and sundry to understand.

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