Jim Hunt, the Talented Financial Advisor


Jim Hunt is a businessman who has cut his niche in helping others. He defines success as being able to understand and solve his customer’s problems.

The financial advisor who has made a mark in the stock market tremendously understands the bear and bull markets. He is generous with information and shares his knowledge freely with the average investors who want to make it big through his favorite YouTube videos. He has a keen eye and often makes great predictions on trades.

The CEO of VTA publications admits that the drive to start the venture was because of his desire to have the small investors gain control of their finances. Having worked in the bank, Jim saw the struggle investors were going through and resolved to help them. In line with this, he recently announced a challenge with the aim of proving that stock trading is simple and can be done by anybody. He named the challenge “Make Mum a Millionaire.” His desire was to make his mother a millionaire in ten trades to prove his claim.

VTA Publications Ltd. was established in 2012 and is a factual publication that deals with distance learning. They offer clients with information specializing in economics and finance.

The businessman who believes that the next profitable frontier is information publishing and click bank believes in listening and studying human psychology to understand the actual problems faced by the people. He appreciates that this is the only way that solutions can be matched to issues. He advocates for affiliate marketing as the best business venture and calls it a goldmine on the internet.

Hunt uses Infusionsoft for his data management which also offers affiliate programs. He also swears by Aweber for web page creation.

Jim’s excellent performance is attributed to his Discipline that gives him the ability to divide his work and accomplish it in organized chunks. The great fan of Author Jesse Livermore who wrote the book “Reminiscences of a stock operator” considers himself happy and would live his life the same way over again given a chance.

He recommends that anyone who needs to understand the workings of money should read the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad.  Read more about one of Jim’s other products through VTA Publications in the PR Newswire story “Jim Hunt of VTA Publications Launches Wealth Wave, a Simple Strategy to Identify an Impending Bear Market and Profit Massively From the Drop”.

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    The aim is to provide easy to use formats to customers and provide solutions to their business. They also offer bookings for seminars and events. It is also a very nice thing for me to buy my paper and act accordingly in the right time.

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