Kate Hudson Stays Relevant by Increasing Brand Awareness for Fabletics

Kate Hudson is someone that is well-known for her ability to act in movies and get the attention of people that like romantic comedies. In this day and age she has another goal in mind. She is still trying to get the attention of her fans, but now she is trying to do it with her clothing line. She has a great idea about how she can put her brand in the direction to appeal to more customers, but this takes a little planning.


She is doing an assortment of things to increase exposure, and so far it is working quite well. Hudson is appearing in some commercials and advertising on television. In the past most of her advertising was done through the internet because she did not have that many physical stores. It did not make a lot of sense to take to spend tons of money on commercial advertising when her customer base was feeding off of publicity that came through social media.


Her focus, however, builds more on plans to develop a greater commercial audience with television commercials because she is opening more stores. As she shifts from one area to the next she realizes that there is a need to connect with multiple customers through different platforms. That will put more of their money towards what that they can see in the physical. That is why she still has plans to opening physical stores and also building a brand that connects with people that watch television.


Nobody can overlook the fact that Kate Hudson is doing a lot to promote her brand. She has been around for a long time in the entertainment industry, and she plans to be around just as long – if not longer- in the retail clothing industry. She is putting her name on this brand as co-founder, but what is more important is that people see her face. She is appearing in the print ads and the commercials. Hudson is showing up for interviews and magazines. People can pull up YouTube and also see her talking about the brand. Fabletics seems to be rising to the occasion quite well, and Kate Hudson is definitely someone that’s going along for the ride. She has put her time and effort into promoting his brand, and she wants to see the payoff.


There are actually a lot of athletic clothing brands out there so the competition is strong. Many clothing brands that exist do not have anyone that is in place to represent when it comes to athletic clothing. Beyonce has promoted Ivy Park, but this is more of a clothing line that is sold by department stores. When it comes to brands like Fabletics many of these companies are running on something of an autopilot mode. There is someone that founded the company that is promoting the brands like Academy Sports, but there is no centralized figurehead in place. Kate Hudson is synonymous with Fabletics. When people see Fabletics they see Kate Hudson.

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