Louis Chenevert Didn’t Just Stumble Into Success, He Earned It Through Hard Work And Dedication:

Considering the massive success of his tenure as CEO of United Technologies as well as his current role as an advisor to legendary financial firm Goldman Sachs, it is safe to say that Louis Chenevert is a legend in the world of entrepreneurship. The way that Louis was able to become such a legendary success in business was by always being certain of what his goals were and then putting in the hard work to make those goals become a reality. Rather than being born into wealth, he earned his way to becoming a success through the age-old method of hard work and perseverance.

Louis Chenevert lived his early life in his birthplace of Montreal where he was born back in 1958. Though he had a normal childhood he was also interested in entrepreneurial pursuits from a very early age and learned the value of hard work starting in his youth. When he reached college age he attended the University of Montreal at its HEC Business School. Production management was the degree program that he pursuied and the knowledge and skills that he learned in this degree program would prove invaluable to his future pursuits. Louis Chenevert quickly found employment after his graduation with the automotive manufacturing giant General Motors and it was only a short matter of time before he was in charge of the assembly line at the Montreal plant.

Louis Chenevert was with General Motors for fourteen prosperous years but he eventually wanted a change and 1993 saw him take a job with the aerospace company Pratt and Whitney Canada, a company that is part of the United Technologies Corporation family. 1996 saw Louis Chenevert move again, this time with the main branch of Pratt and Whitney. He became the company’s VP for operations and quickly set about making some major improvements that included cutting the costs of manufacturing by a massive ten percent in only one calendar year. By 1999 Louis was the President at Pratt and Whitney and this led him to eventually being recruited into the executive team at United Technologies where he quickly rose up the ranks to become CEO. His six years in that role were a time of massive success that included the acquisitions of Goodrich Corporation which UTC acquired for $18 billion. When Louis Chenevert retired in 2014, he had left UTC in far better shape than he found it as was soon recruited to a consulting role with Goldman Sachs.


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