Mathematics is one of the most important disciplines in the world. A profession that has to potential to create complex algorithms, amass great fortunes, and raise the wonders of the future, mathematics is an area of study that benefits the world at large.

It’s for that very reason that masters of the craft deserve as much praise as we are able to gift them. Micheal Lacey is one such master; A working professional for over three decades, Lacey’s contributions to the field cannot be understated. With several accolades and memberships under this belt, Lacey’s talent as a professional and educator have been recognized on a national level. Learn more about Michael Lacey: and

Lacey began his career with a bang, having received a doctorate in mathematics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1987. Having developed a wonderful thesis in Banach spaces, Lacey was swinging out of the gate. With a newly minted doctorate, Lacey wasted no time in acquiring new conquests.

In 1996, Lacey began a research effort into the intricacies of the Hilbert transform, an incredibly complex area of study that has perplexed many before him. This fact didn’t discourage Lacey, however, and his work in the area paid off enormously.

The research was so well received that Lacey was awarded the Salem Prize for his efforts. The Salem Prize is an incredibly distinguished honor and one that many mathematicians work towards. Lacey’s research-oriented ambitions didn’t end with the Hilbert transform, however; Lacey went on to make enormous contributions in regards to the areas of probability, ergodic theory, and harmonic analysis.

Lacey’s ambitions have not been limited to the intellectual. A working professor at the Georgia Institue of Technology since 1996, Lacey has secured himself a place in the heart of many students. A beloved educator and friend, few earn themselves the sort of universal praise Lacey has in his tenure as an educator.

He has been recognized for this, as well. In 2004, Lacey was awarded the honor of being a fellow of the American Mathematical Society. Lacey’s legacy is one of successes followed by successes, and that has shown no signs of changing.

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