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Oncotarget is a weekly peer-reviewed medical journal covering research papers on all aspects of oncology. This journal was established in 2010, and was published by Impact Journals. The chief editors are Andrei v. Gudkov and Mikhail Blagosklonny from the Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

It is a multidisciplinary journal with free-access. Oncotarget issues are on a weekly basis. Each issue can be printed on special demand. Our mission is to make scientific research results widely and rapidly available. This is in a bid to maximize the impact of research, and allow discoveries to be shared quickly. To eliminate the border between specialties, Oncotarget aims at linking up different fields of biomedical sciences.

Under the leadership of experienced scientists on, Oncotarget helps researchers contribute to the progress of science. Our main goal is to have a life without diseases.

Oncotarget is offering free alt-metric article reports to offer real-time tracking of articles in traditional and digital media channels on Facebook before traditional citations start to accrue. Above all, Oncotarget is launching sections on topics far beyond oncology:
Neuropathology Cell and
Mol Biology

Publication ethics:
– Cardiology
– Pharmacology
– Immunology
– Neuropathology
– Cell and Mol Biology

For editors

Editors at Oncotarget evaluate manuscripts on merit, scientific novelty, quality of data, and presentation regardless of the authors’ race, sexual orientation, citizenship, and religious beliefs. The decision to publish the content on is not based on political policies or other agencies outside the journal itself.

The editorial staff will not disclose any info about the manuscript to anyone other than reviewers, authors, potential reviewers, and members of the editorial board. Editors are no allowed to use any unpublished information for other purposes, but this information will be kept confidential. The editorial team will assess manuscripts without substantial conflicts of interest stemming from competitive, collaborative, and other connections with other authors.

For reviewers

Peer review is important and obligatory. Peer review helps editors in making right decisions and comment authors in a bid to improve their manuscripts. In case any invited reviewer feels unqualified to review the content, he or she should notify the editors or decline the invitation.

Any manuscript submitted for review should be treated confidentially. Above all, this rule applies also to reviewers who decline review invitation.


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  1. Quora Collins

    Chief editors have authority over the editorial content of the journal as well as time of publication. They should not be shared or discussed with other professionals except if authorized by the Chief editor. It is also assumed that can get the what they need right now instead of waiting along.

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