New Model for Fast Food business as portrayed by Sweetgreen’s Co-Founders

Sweetgreen is one of the restaurant companies that entrepreneurs interested in hotel industry should look up to as a role model. The luxurious salad chain has great investors who believed in it including Danny Meyer, Daniel Boulud, and Steve Case. It is known for serving healthy, organic, fresh and local foods across the United States. The business has grown tremendously since its inception opening more than 40 eateries.


Nathaniel Ru who is a co-founder and a co-CEO of Sweetgreen says that they targeted a brand that stands for something; feeding more people with better food. This is something that restaurant owners who serve ‘just’ food need to learn.


Sweetgreen has embraced technology, and 30 percent of their transactions are carried out online through their website.


They are targeting to change their managing strategies to ensure they attain a close relationship with their customers. The three founders move from one place to another frequently trying to grow the business nationally which sometimes make them close down the corporate office. They do not have a permanent headquarter, and their newest office is located in Los Angeles. Ru says that they embrace a decentralized headcount rather than big corporate headquarters.


Nathaniel Ru along with his co-CEOs Nicolas Jammet, Jonathan Neman studied entrepreneurship, and during their stay at Georgetown, they realized that the place required healthy eating options. They got the idea of opening a restaurant right after graduating, and they did so in August 2007.


About Nathaniel Ru

Ru graduated in 2007 from Georgetown University; School of Business with a Degree in Finance. He co-founded Sweetgreen with two other classmates right after graduation, where he serves as a co-CEO. Sweetgreen is a casual fast food eatery that targets to serve healthy foods. Ru has been recognized by Forbes “30 Under 30”, Food & Wine “40 Big Food Thinkers 40 and Under” as well as Inc. “30 Under 30.”


According to Nathaniel Ru, every 20-year-old youth should read as many books as possible. On a question asked about management, he says that getting enough involvement in the business is key to success. He added that him, Jonathan and Nicholas carried out almost all roles in the company before building a team. His role model CEO is Kevin Plank due to the experience he has shown while serving the company, Under Armour. Apart from sweetgreen, Ru’s other favorite restaurant is Johnny Monis’ Little Serow which serves plentiful Northern Thai food.


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    The co-CEOs from Georgetown University like other classmates are tech pioneers. Nathaniel Ru is an American entrepreneur whose line of career is in the hotel business. This has tally with the way that could have avoided and it’s pathetic that nothing has occurred with it.

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