NewsWatch TV Review: Client Comes Back for the Second Time After Having Great Crowdfunding Success the First Time

Nothing solidifies the reputation of a product or service more than knowing exactly what you’re going to get and what to expect. For Avanca, a computer based company specializing in mobile devices, this was exactly the case, as this would be their second time using the media promotional services of NewsWatch to produce and air a one minute promotional segment.


Their first time using NewsWatch was for the crowdfunding campaign of a miniaturized computer called, the “Ockel Sirius B pocket PC”. The crowdfunding project was highly successful, exceeding its campaign goal of $10,000 by nearly 3,000%, raising close to $500,000. Natalie van Wijkvliet, marketing director for Avanca, happily stated how, “it was great working with NewsWatch”, and how NewsWatch was “one of the main reasons the crowdfunding project was successful.” Wijkvliet went on further to say that the NewsWatch “team is great, the support is good”; and that NewsWatch “definitely” had successful results on their crowndfunding campaign.


NewsWatch is a news media company, that covers topics in technology, travel, health and entertainment news stories. Working closely with television networks such as the AMC Network and ION Network that have aired over 10,000 NewsWatch shows, NewsWatch has been dedicated to covering the most groundbreaking stories in topics including business, travel, legal, health, science, politics, entertainment and many more.


Not only does NewsWatch deliver the most newsworthy media content for various topics and subjects, it has also become a main stay amongst top celebrities and entertainers, such as Will Smith, Mila Kunis and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, whom also use the NewsWatch platform to discuss and/or support their various issues and initiatives.


Today, NewsWatch can be seen nationwide, reaching over 96 million households in 200 markets throughout the country, making it a powerful media promotional resource for anyone looking to achieve its crowdfunding goals.


Avanca is now launching its third device, the “Ockel Sirius A”, a miniature-sized desktop Window PC that will serve as a mobile device. Avanca can be assured that their current and future crowdfunding goals will be met, if not exceeded every time they work with NewsWatch.


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    The media business is one that has been creating a lot of wave recently and its more like investors has found a gold mine in the sector. I think can help us gather the information that we need to get our work done. They have really established a standard that others in the sector would have to follow.

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