Patty Rocklage: Marriage & Family Therapist

Patty Rocklage is a licensed, Boston, Massachusetts-based marriage and family therapist. For more than 20 years, she has employed her personal style of communication to aid her clientele in successfully dealing with the life’s numerous issues and challenges. Read more: Twitter Rocklage | Twitter

Her patients a diverse group of couples, families, and individuals who share one thing in common.


Rocklage attended the University of Southern California after graduating from high school. In 1981, she graduated with her degrees in psychology. She is now currently licensed to practice psychotherapy in her home state of Massachusetts.


Rocklage is a big believer in truly making meaningful connections with all of her clients. She feels that the struggles of her clientele are of a sensitive nature and works to maintain a professional therapist-patient confidentiality.

While engaged in her professional practice, she has gained what those in the field consider to be important skills.

These very skills are to a degree responsible for her success at being able to help a number of families, couples and individuals deal with overcome various issues that were at some point compromising the quality of their lives.

Personal Life & Other Activities

Patty Rocklage resides in Sudbury, Massachusetts with her husband, Doctor Scott Rocklage, a chemist. She is also active in her community and involved in charity work.

In fact, Rocklage is a volunteer for the Sudanese Education Fund, which is concerned with aiding former residents of Southern Sudan who relocated to the state of Massachusetts by helping them to find regular employment and achieving educational and financial stability as well.

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