Robert Ivy Establishes A Fascinating Career In Art And Design

There are times in life where you want to reach the goals of having a new house and car. You work hard at saving your money, but you don’t know anyone that can build your house for you. There are architectures that have the credentials, but they may not have the experience. In the Washington, DC area, it’s not hard to find a great architect.

Robert Ivy is a Mississippi native and architect who has traveled all over the United States helping with different organizations. Ivy is know for his skills as well as his journals. He served as the Editor in Chief of Architectural Record. This business helped to publish many journals dedicated to architecture and the fundamentals of building and landscaping. From that point, Robert Ivy knew that he wanted to do more in the avenue of construction. He went on to be the Editorial Director of McGraw-Hill Construction Media. This is where Ivy received one of his first awards from this company in 1998.

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Robert Ivy credits a lot of his work to his foundation in education. He received a Bachelors of Arts in English from Sewanee. Later on, he decided to enroll in Tulane University to receive his Masters in Architecture. Robert Ivy knew that at this point, he knew that he studied his passion that would show in his work. Because of his diligence, he received the Polk Award from Mississippi. He was thrilled to win. The award was unexpected, but he appreciated the recognition. Ivy’s biggest accomplishment was receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award for having outstanding work ethic and a wonderful attitude. Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters recognized that their native would go beyond his scope of practice to render his services to companies as well as individuals. He distinguished catalog of contributions is what made Robert Ivy one of the greatest architects in the world. Ivy wants to continue working in the community to help strengthen the lives of families.

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