Securus Technologies Creates Santa Moments for Inmates Every Year!

Imagine being an inmate father waiting and longing to see his family but the only thing he can see in front of him is the four cold walls of his cell and a sea of other inmates clad in orange and/or black and not the festive holiday grab of his family and friends. He longs for a way to see his son and communicate with him on a more personal level and desired for his son to hear and experience more than his deep stone voice saying the words ‘I love you’.


Well now he has the chance to experience that and more with the evolution of Securus Technologies video calling software that has allowed him to connect to his son on Christmas day. The sights, sounds, and the familiar voices of his son culminates into a bright radiant smile for the inmate and also for his expectant son who longs for the day that he can see his father face to face again forever. The son pans the camera around to show his gifts and the father sees and believes in what was once impossible for him, has not become possible. Hope springs eternal again in both hearts and for both a Santa-like moment has been created forever in the hearts and minds of this family experience. Families no longer have to worry how their loved one is faring in prison as now they can enjoy a visual and audio experience and see for themselves their loved one no matter how far away they might be in this great big world.


Securus Technologies is a company that provides video calling software and other monitoring products to correctional facilities located all across the United States. Some of their products have deterred crime and forgery both inside and outside prison cells. They take pride in helping your facility accurately and discreetly monitor inmate activity so that you will always be ahead of the curve technologically speaking and intelligence wise as well.


This company specializes in helping the law enforcement community and manages over 1,000,000 inmates worldwide. For more information about this company check out this link: Securus Technologies Inc. You too can begin to create magical Santa moments!


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  1. Quinson Mark

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