Securus Technologies: Leading In The Drone Detection Technology

The system is a developing technology we are working on with a number of our technology partners. It will continue to improve as we have a strong commitment to securing our facilities from aerial threat vectors.

In the same way, we have made tremendous investments in technology and security solutions in the last decade. We acquired numerous state services, software houses, and technology outfits.

We have a growing list of patents to our name among other successes. We also enjoy multiple exclusive collaborations with key service providers. In a twisted turn of events, you might say our success securing facilities on the ground has led to the new threats from the air.

The threats from drone devices are even more dangerous than those on the ground are. That is how we are approaching this new challenge.

We are leveraging our footprint and collaborative partnerships, especially in law enforcement, to provide top-notch aerial security. Drone incursions endanger public safety, facility personnel, and inmates.

The contraband delivered using drones only aggravates the security situation. This would then require more resources to track it down. We believe the comprehensive solution lies in detecting the drones and capturing them before they drop their load anywhere on our facilities.


Drone detection improves public safety


We appreciate the potential of drone technology in today’s world. There are more commercial applications than ever before. Additionally, private drones are becoming cheaper to acquire, easier to operate and packing in much more power and capacity.

As with any new technology, some elements wish to use it to drive criminal activities. The drone detection technology becomes part of our public safety arsenal.

It demonstrates our dedication to ensure facilities remain secure and safe spaces in line with the requirements of local communities and state agencies. We have vibrant technical and customer care teams that ensure close communication with local communities.

Our transparent strategy works to build the confidence of facility personnel. It also reassures the society that the facilities do not pose threats to their security and safety.




Drone technology presents a new frontier with unlimited possibilities. People are using drones to improve their lives and boost their businesses. Drones have also attracted criminal elements.

They are using the technology to drop contraband to inmates in facilities. At Securus Technologies, we are taking proactive steps to ensure public safety is not compromised by the new threats from drones.

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