Securus Technologies Responds to GTL Inaccurate Allegations

Securus Technologies have been the leading civil and criminal justice technology solutions provider for inmates guaranteeing public safety, monitoring, correction, and investigations at all times. Recently, GTL issued a press release containing statements that were only allegations aimed at tainting the good name of secure technologies.

In their first allegation, they alluded that according to the United States Patent Trial and Board decision, they have a fourth PTAB-validated to go forward to the district court and claim for damages against secures in the continuing infringement lawsuit in the Dallas court. On the contrary, Securus is not obliged to honor the claims as the hearing is in the process and GTL should not expect any compensation from Securus as the 816 patent is yet to be validated.

GTL had alluded that the PTAB had affirmed that all their innovations were patentable and that they can move to court to protect their technologies in the law enforcement to monitor the video visits between inmates and their relatives. Securus corrected this misguided allegation saying that PTAB did not mention anywhere that all innovations were patentable and GTL should not make their conclusions. As a matter of fact, the process of rehearing whether the visitation patent should be patentable is far from happening.

Securus has the real information about facing the jury, and the hearing will not happen anytime soon leave alone the three months GTL claims are remaining. After the set duration to give their ruling, the jury will not listen to any evidence provided by any party and Securus is confident that the board will give a fair ruling since they do not use any of the stated patents GTL claims they use.


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  1. Timothy Skyles

    When GTL says that they are only a few months to face the jury and give evidence on how Securus misuses the 816 patent and other three GTL patents, they seem skeptical and uninformed about the process. It could also have been properly dealt with if superior papers com had done something earlier on for them.

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