Sussex Healthcare: Top Service For More Than 25 Years

Sussex Healthcare is a great medical facility offering care to those elderly in need of more attention throughout the day, and even those young adults and mid-age adults who are struggling with cognitive and other medical issues.

The company that boasts over twenty facilities under its name has been going strong for over twenty five years. Its current success is thanks in part to its wonderful two joint chairmen, Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina, who together have backgrounds in medical, the hospitality, customer service, and business industries.

The company’s facilities boast state-of-the-art daycare and gym areas to help with the recovery and well-being of its patients. There is also an “assisted living” area for those elderly or adults who don’t need 24/7 attention, and can mostly care for themselves. It is typical for a patient to call Sussex Healthcare their home, as many are here for an extended stay.

The staff at Sussex Healthcare include nurses and professional caregivers. Each and every one of Sussex Healthcare’s future and potential employees are trained at the Training Academy located at the company’s headquarters in Warnham, West Sussex. Additionally, Sussex Healthcare also boasts in being able to provide assistance to its current workers and staff with helping them continue on their higher education, in the fields of: apprenticeships in nursing, management, and other trainings or degrees needed to succeed here. We also provide all of our employees vacation time, and other opportunities that will help them grow in their careers.

As for the types of care the company offers, this can include anywhere from: physical, emotional, spiritual, and social care depending on each individual’s specialized needs. Sussex Healthcare’s motto is to provide “a full life” for everyone choosing to stay there. Specifically, elders are cared for at one of the seven “full-residential homes” operated by the company. Each of these houses have meals and accommodation, in addition to individualized, as well as social care for all its residents in wide and spacious rooms. Additionally, there are caretakers that are always there to serve residents, each depending on his or her own specific medical needs and issues. There are also many new “therapeutic programs” that also supplement the folks living here to help them have a more restful and relaxing experience on a daily basis.

Also, those adults who require specialized care (many of all different ages- ranging from young adult to mid-age) are cared for in what are called “multi-sensory rooms,” spas, and other specialized care areas.

Sussex Healthcare, has been providing top-of-the-line medical care for more than twenty five years and is still going strong!

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