The Success of Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorssen is a young individual who is not only see as a successful human rights activist, but is also seen as a hero by certain individuals in oppressive countries that do not have a voice to give due to oppressive regimes that takes away any universal right such as the right to speak. Thor Halvorssen has always put others first and has always fought for the rights of others. Thor Halvorssen has traveled all over the world and has been to countries such as North Korea, Angola, and many more militaristic nation-states that fail to recognize even the simplest rights among citizens of the country. Thor Halvorssen is a selfless individual who has not only been beaten and threatened, but has also been imprisoned on multiple occasions within these countries for speaking out. Thor Halvorssen has always loved the world and has always thought of himself as a citizen of the world.

Thor Halvorssen has been involved in human rights activism ever since a young age due to the fact that his parents as well as his grandparents were human rights activists who were also dedicated to giving a voice to individuals who reside in oppressive countries and who have no opportunity to escape. Thor Halvorssen has always thought of himself to be a citizen of the world due to the fact that he has roots in many countries such as in Latin America as well as in Norway.

The scale of this foundation and the many endeavors and accomplishments of the foundation have encouraged countless donations from individuals as well as businesses from the private and the public sector. Thor Halvorssen is grateful for the many contributions that have been made to the company and will continue to use these contributions to fight for freedom and even the most basic rights in countries that continue to be oppressive around the world.

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  1. Jay Solomon

    Thor Halvorssen can speak many languages flawlessly and has used this many times to his advantage. Despite his young age, Thor Halvorssen founded the Human Right Foundation in 2005 that is currently residing in New York City. I have the understanding that the bestessay could have used what they know in convincing them real hard.

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