The Traveling Vineyard Brings New Experiences To The Lives Of Wine Guides

The love of wine is something we can all appreciate in the modern world as the industry is seeing new regions produce award winning wines and innovative wine merchants explore new ways of linking customers with their products.

One of the wine merchants who has been exploring a range of different options for getting their many different wines into the homes of as many customers as possible is The Traveling Vineyard, which has created an event based sales model that has developed a strong basis for a sales force that is expanding by the day.

The business model of The Traveling relies heavily on the quality of the wines sourced by the sales team of the company, who are often looking for many different options in wine varieties and regions that will enhance the palette of each and every customer. For The Traveling Vineyard the range of available wines on offer from the company is a major selling point for its team of Wine Guides who attend parties organized by clients in their own homes where the best wines from The Traveling Vineyard are sampled and ordered.

Caring for the growing team of Wine Guides is a major part of the work completed by The Traveling Vineyard’s executive team who look to make sure all the required information and equipment is available to their Wine Guides; this can mean supplying Wine Guides with information on the available wines and which foods are the best to pair with any wine choice.


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  1. Aleena Jayceon

    Wine guides is something that is really simple to navigate and I think that there is now more choice paradox for people to need experts. Or at least can actually provide someone to give some simple elaboration of the information in the wine guide. so to have all the help will be seen as effective in the experience that is offered with the best selling company.

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