Tony Petrello achievements as CEO

Tony Petrello is among the Americans wealthy people who have a good reputation for earning their wealth through legitimate means. Tony is the CEO in the drilling industry. His wealth has come from supporting Nabors Industries Company to grow into a top multinational in the oil drilling sector. Oil and natural gas drilling sector is a highly competitive industry but very lucrative. As a top executive who has managed to keep his company at the top, he gets a huge salary as a way of appreciating the input he has in the company. As of 2015, he was earning $68 million annually. Tony Petrello joined Nabors Industries in 1991 as the Chief Operating Officer. Since then, he has worked at different positions within the company. He grew steadily until he became the CEO. He is the overall head of the company, and it is his responsibility to ensure there is growth in the company.

Tony Petrello has achieved his responsibilities without a hassle. He has even surpassed the expectations of the board members. Since he was appointed in 2011, Nabors has been on constant growth. Never before has this happened. It has overtaken competitors in the drilling industry and can now comfortably be declared as the top company in the world. Tony Petrello has another story apart from that of Nabors Industries. He was born from a low-income family in New Jersey who could not take him to a good school despite being very bright in his studies. His hope for joining a good school was revived by the Yale University who offered him a scholarship to study at the institution. It was fully paid scholarship. Tony Petrello went ahead and earned a bachelor and masters in mathematics.

Although he abandoned any career in mathematics, he is still part of the university. He has a foundation that rewards the best mathematicians from the university. He started the reward program in remembrance of his friend Serge Lang who was a professor of mathematics at the university and his mentor.Tony Petrello is actively involved in philanthropic work. He is a generous man who has found peace in helping the community deal with some of the problems encountered. In Texas, where he lives, Tony has supported numerous initiatives in the form of relief, education and medical programs. His contribution in the medical research field has earned him praises from many quarters. He is the financial arm of the Neurological Research Center found at the Texas Children’s Hospital.

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