US Money Reserve Confident That The New Website Will Keep Visitors Happy

In 2016, the number one precious metals seller and buyer in the United States announced the launch of its upgraded official website. The platform’s new outlook showcases the firm’s legacy in the industry with refurbished functionality, cutting edge photos of coins and a few of its leaders. Some of the figures on the site include US Money’s director and present president Phillip Diehl.

The firm’s primary motive of setting up the site was to provide visitors with better services from a more appealing channel that was easy to navigate. The site allows users to learn about the products available, consumer business operation and the benefits of engaging in the trade of US Money precious metals using gold coins.

US Money Reserve’s online shop offers more than a just a portal to purchase gold, silver, and platinum. They have a free kit that offers users detailed information on gold’s business status that is available to subscribers. They get to understand minute issues of minting coins, purchase and their grading requirements.

Seasoned buyers who can discern the various metals have access to coins that have PCGS certifications and special metals that are not commonly available. The site’s Full Headline Gold Newsroom section regularly features trending updates on the metals’ fair in the world.

The vice executive president of Brand and Creative Ryan Buchayan stated that the platform is a genius way to forge relationships with the customer and derive analytic data on their business preferences in the market.

He insisted that the portal is a secure channel for the trade and also informative with consistent news updates. Ryan managed the designing of the entire platform and installation of new applications.

One of the new applications is the Client-Connect Advantage system that allows direct communication between the firm and consumers. Clients receive personalized consultation services, updates on offline precious metals releases, guide on purchases and safe offline dealings.

US Money has availed the BuyBack Guarantee which allows clients to return coins in a 30-daye timeframe. Upon purchase, US money ships the products using fast means no matter the client’s residential address.

PR Newswire revealed that US Money Reserve began operating in 2001 as a private firm and grew to become the leading supplier of government-issued metals. The firm incorporates a team of experts who understand coins and the numismatic profession.

They enable users to diversify their net value with gold and ascertain that they stay up-to-date with the international forum. The firm has its headquarter office in Texas and plans to continue growing its business to serve clients better.

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