Wild Ark Is Helping to Make People’s Ecological Dreams into Reality

More and more people are recognizing just how important environmental conservation is. A big part of this is helping to support areas that are doing things the right way. This can obviously be done through charity. But there’s another option that’s far more personally rewarding. Eco friendly vacations can help enrich a local economy while also helping them to do the right thing. At the same time, it gives people a chance to really immerse themselves in the beauty of a rich environmental preserve.


For example, Botswana is one of the most popular travel destinations for the ecologically aware tourist. The area features one of the world’s largest collections of free roaming elephants. Additionally one can expect to see a wide variety of other species which are rare, to nonexistent, in other areas. Slow moving packs of elephants one day might give way to a sighting of lions in the distance. Even better, trained guides will make sure that it’s safe for both the tourists and the animals. Learn more: http://wildark.com/travel/


On the surface, their most visible contribution comes from helping to match ecotourist with destination. However, the most important parts of the company go on below the surface. They’re not only helping to encourage ecotourism, they’re ensuring it’s all done the right way. Part of this is by acting as a partner to various native groups. This helps to ensure that as much profit as possible goes directly to the local economy.


Wild Ark also carefully examines all of the destinations they recommend to clients. It’s fairly common for travel destinations to look eco-friendly. However, Wild Ark ensures that a destination actually lives up to the claims. To work with Wild Ark a destination needs to be able to operate in a way that helps to preserve the environment. And they need to do all of that in a way that keeps both people and animals safe. Furthermore, Wild Ark is even able to match up location to someone’s particular interests. They’re not just making sure that an eco-vacation takes place.


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