Working to Strengthen an American Weakness

A political slogan that has raised the ire of many in this year’s election is the one that promises to make America great again. Though many question where America has lost her greatness, there is one area where it is clear and embarrassing. U.S. student are continuing to slide in global ranking. In fact, American students are no longer in the global top twenty, and in mathematics students in twenty-nine other nations outperform those in the U.S. Wisdom is the principle thing, and in all of the getting of it it is important that you also get understanding. One man, Alexei Beltyukov, has an understanding of what can be done to make America a world contender again.

According to, Alexei Beltyukov is a Russian educator, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He started his adult life interested in a career in medicine, that changed when he realized he could be more effective and helpful to his country and her citizens as a businessman.

In 1997 he received an MBA from INSEAD, an international business school with campuses in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. To show his support for his countrymen, he has established an alumni scholarship fund for Russian students with financial needs who’ve been accepted to INSEAD.

American students have a problem with math. It is the one academic area in which they are consistently outperformed. Alexei Beltyukov addressed that issue with a new educational software system that focuses on math. Solvy, which was released in 2015, is its name, and it is destined to be a household name in high school math.

The goal is to enable teachers to evaluate student progress and determine if and where additional help is needed.

Students can practice solving equations, word problems, and table graphs all online while having the option to receive immediate feedback. Students are allowed to study and explore math using a customized approach that allows them to see how math is used in work and play in the “real-world.”

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  1. Alex

    Alexei Beltyukov believes in the power of wisdom and supports numerous educational causes. Solvy is an online system whose intent is to make instruction in mathematics easier for both the student and the teacher. The only thing that is that essays uk to get all they want.

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